Ronnie Adrian

Ronnie hails from the great state of South Carolina. He is an actor\writer\improviser\musician and Stand-up comedian. He would never actually say any of that to you if you asked him. The most you would get out of him is a meek "I do (insert single basic word to describe something)." Ronnie has done a commercial or two. And he has appeared on shows such as "Key & Peele" and "Who Let The Dogs Out?" a show on the Hallmark Channel. He played a Drill Sergeant. You can see him doing improv on Harold Night\Matinees at UCB. But also at Tuesday Night Thunder, the longest running indie improv show in LA. A show he co-host with other members of his improv team THUNDERSTRUCK. Also you can catch him around town having a blast doing stuff with his all-black, all-male improv\sketch team WHITE WOMEN. A team that has performed on the stages of UCB, Second City, i.O. West as well as many others. And that has had sketches featured on the front page of Funny or Die.
Ronnie doesn't have a single career focus because he feels it's limiting. But the one thing he wants for himself in life is to "Just be happy." He spent a lot of his adult life not being happy and not doing the things he wanted to do. Hopefully that chapter of his life is over.
Ronnie hopes one day he'll be good enough to be an improv teacher (That seriously is as far as his career scope realistically goes).

Shout out to Jill Donnelly for believing in me early on!

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