Lydia Hensler

Lydia Hensler is New York City based Actress, Improviser, and Writer. You can see her regularly performing Improv with Take It Personal (Fridays 9pm), Grandma's Ashes (Saturdays 10:30), and Asssscat 3000 (Sundays 7:30&9:30). You can also catch her in The Female Gaze (The first Wednesday of the month at 9:30pm). Lydia also writes and performs her own original characters, check out her '30 Characters In 30 Days!' project on youtube and funnyordie. Lydia is also a former cast member of UCB's Character's Welcome. Lydia is a tree-hugging, bleeding-heart liberal who you can hear guest co-host the lefty political podcast Citizen Radio. She loves Hot Yoga, Law&Order SVU, and being Vegan most of the time.

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